Offer documentation (1st repurchase and cancellation offer)

Dear Shareholder/SDR holder,

Offer documentation is now available here as attached, and on Pareto’s homepage.

For SDR holders who wish to participate in the offer:

1. Visit ( where offer documentation and acceptance form is available

2. The majority of SDR holders hold their SDRs via a nominee such as their bank/broker (Swe. förvaltarregistrerad). Contact your bank/broker with your instruction if you wish to participate in the offer

3. For direct registered SDR holders (Swe. direktregistrerad), reach out to Pareto Securities directly as you will need to send the acceptance form to them directly. See contact details in the offer documentation.

4. Deadline 15.00 CET 21 September 2018

For direct registered shareholders who wish to participate in the offer:

1. See attached the offer documentation (same as on Pareto’s homepage)

2. You will separately receive the offer documentation and instrument of transfer on email and post

3. Fill in and submit the instrument of transfer as per instruction

4. Deadline 15.00 CET 23 September 2018

P1s Holding

Offer Document P1s holding in Tantan 20180906

Notice, agenda and proxy form for General Meeting 13 April 2018

Dear Shareholder,

Please find attached notice, agenda and proxy form for a general meeting to be held 13 April 2018.

NOTE: the notice, agenda and proxy form are separate for the SDR holders and the shareholders who hold physical share certificates.

Further information for the meeting will be circulated shortly on email and through Pareto (not through the website).


P1’s Holding in Tantan Limited


P1s Holding – Notice & Agenda of GM P1s Holding (BVI) – form of proxy for general meeting SDR_P1s Holding – Notice & Agenda of GM SDR_P1s Holding – Proxy Form