Notice, agenda and proxy form for General Meeting 13 April 2018

Dear Shareholder,

Please find attached notice, agenda and proxy form for a general meeting to be held 13 April 2018.

NOTE: the notice, agenda and proxy form are separate for the SDR holders and the shareholders who hold physical share certificates.

Further information for the meeting will be circulated shortly on email and through Pareto (not through the website).


P1’s Holding in Tantan Limited


P1s Holding – Notice & Agenda of GM P1s Holding (BVI) – form of proxy for general meeting SDR_P1s Holding – Notice & Agenda of GM SDR_P1s Holding – Proxy Form

D round update

As we have previously reported the D round of financing has been closed.

The final list of shareholders in Tantan after this round is as follows:

The D round was led by YY and Genesis Capital with Alibaba, SAIF, Zhongwei Capital and Hillhouse Capital also investing. Total amount was 70 million USD.

Earlier rounds have seen BAI Gmbh (Bertelsmann); Nex Group Asia; Giant Wisdom; GX; KPCB (Kleiner Perkins); DCM; LB, Atinum and Mirae of Koera; Red Kingdom; A fund and Apoletto Asia (DST) invest.

Including the D round Tantan has raised a total of 120 million USD.

P1’s holding,the founders and the staff through the ESOP still hold over 40% of the shares.