Shareholder information

Dear Shareholder,

As some of you have undoubtedly learned, our chairman Henrik Byström passed away some weeks ago. His passing was as tragic as it was unexpected.

Henrik has been a constant presence in P1 and lately Tantan all the way since it’s early beginnings. He worked tirelessly for the success of the company and it’s safe to say that without his efforts, his deep engagement and all work, love and care he put in to this project over these years, we would not be where we are today, enjoying the success of Tantan as we are.

Our thoughts continue to go out to his family and he will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

After learning of this tragic event, we in the company have been working diligently to establish a path forward. Although Henrik can never be replaced, the legacy he leaves behind and the work that has been put in over the past couple of years to build a stabile foundation for our company means that we will prevail and continue. Our core missions remains – to monitor and defend our joint interest in Tantan and to do what we can to ensure it’s success.

To that effect, we are bringing Albert Janson on board to shoulder the role of chairman of the SPV and to take our seat on the board of Tantan. Albert will be provisionally elected with full authority by the board in accordance with our Articles pending a confirmatory decision by a General Meeting.

Albert is well known to many of you. He was the CFO of P1 for many years and part of the most senior management team supporting Wang Yu. He was also part of the core team that created and launched Tantan during the first year and a half of that project.

His experience with building and running businesses in China, with international fundraising, his solid credentials in social and mobile interaction from his time in P1 and Tantan as well as his relationship with both Wang Yu and with other key persons in the Tantan sphere makes him an ideal candidate to shoulder the reins through this transition. We are fortunate and very happy to have him join us.

Shareholder communication

In order to comply with all contractual obligations towards our custodian (Pareto) and others, as well as any regulatory restrictions that may apply to us, the board is in the process of establishing a framework and a policy for how we to communicate shareholder information going forward. This includes how to handle privileged and potentially market-driving information regarding Tantan itself.

General Meeting

We are planning to hold a General Meeting once the board has completed the process of establishing the companys communication plan and any other preparations that are required. A tentative agenda is as outlined here:

  • Confirm board of directors
  • Establish standard board indemnifications
  • Structure and routines for shareholder communication


We refer to the latest official updates from Tantan posted on our company information website for all questions regarding Tantan. This site will continue to be our primary channel for communicating company updates and the channel where we will post information regarding Tantan, once it has been cleared for dissemination.

Any other questions and concerns should be addressed to our investor email (


The Board